72 SOLD Reviews: Unlocking the Secrets of Swift Home Sales


In a dynamic real estate industry, where speed often determines success, 72SOLD stands out as a standout with a bold promise – selling a home in a week or less. Founded in 2018 by Arizona real estate agent Greg Hague, 72SOLD aims to revolutionize the home-selling process. This article explores the challenges of 72SOLD, examining its unique perspective, its communications, customer perceptions, and market presence.

72 SOLD Reviews
72 SOLD Reviews

To understand 72SOLD’s approach

72-hour commitment: One to eight days

The promise of 72SOLD was an impressive 72-hour home sale, a strategy that continued to improve during the increased activity of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the company has since tweaked its approach and extended the sales window to eight days. These changes reflect an evolving market and align with changes in consumer behavior and expectations.

Compresses traditional home sales

The essence of 72SOLD’s program is to fit within the traditional home sale process. By limiting the display window to potential buyers, typically 90 minutes on weekends, 72SOLD creates a sense of urgency. This approach deviates from the traditional open-ended approach, which aims to eliminate the hassle and uncertainty associated with long-term leases

Build urgency with limited activities

The limited exhibition schedule implemented by 72SOLD is designed to create a competitive environment among potential buyers. By providing short-term but intensive care plans, the company seeks to generate faster supply chains and accelerate overall home sales. But this approach raises questions about whether salespeople aren’t reaching more people.
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Pros and Cons of 72 SOLD Reviews

Benefits of using 72SOLD

Rapid sales turnover

One of the main benefits that 72SOLD touts is faster selling out. The company’s commitment to selling homes within weeks makes it an attractive option for sellers looking to work quickly and efficiently.

Partnerships with major retailers (e.g. Keller Williams).

72SOLD’s affiliations with leading real estate brokers, including a strategic partnership with Keller Williams, add some credibility to its services This partnership expands the program nationwide, giving sellers access to a broader network of potential buyers.

Convenience: There is no need for multiple open house shows

Traditional open house shows can be time-consuming and involve vendors. 72SOLD addresses this concern by eliminating the need for multiple displays, simplifying the process, and reducing disruption for homeowners.

Loss and anxiety

Potentially low asset values

The speed of 72SOLD’s sales process raises questions about the accuracy of property pricing. Sellers wonder if shorter thinking times allow for more thorough analysis, potentially leading to lower price estimates.

Limited communication with potential buyers

While a limited display format aims to create urgency, it may inadvertently deter many potential buyers. This limitation can affect the competitiveness of offerings and can lead to missed opportunities for vendors.

Push sales strategies: exploring negative customer experiences

Customer reviews highlight examples of pushy marketing strategies used by 72SOLD employees. Negative experiences include a lack of communication, constant text messages, and false advertising claims about pricing. These themes emphasize the importance of balance and transparent ethical practices.

72SOLD’s market presence and coverage

Real Estate Associates and Keller Williams Partnership

Nationwide coverage: US. 38 markets

Since 72SOLD is in the US in 38 markets, it uses its extensive network to reach merchants across the country. The company’s geographic coverage is consistent with its commitment to providing a fast and efficient home-selling service.

Strategic partnership with Keller Williams

The strategic partnership with Keller Williams, a leading real estate developer, increases 72SOLD’s market position. This integration increases the availability of the system, making it a viable option for marketers seeking support and resources from a well-established brokerage firm

Analysis of 72SOLD patterns

An overview of customer surveys

Google Review: 4.9/5 (2,108 reviews)

Google searches show that 72SOLD overall is high quality, with an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars from 2,108 reviews. Positive feedback indicates a fair amount of user satisfaction.

Best Workplace: 5/5 (125 reviews)

The Better Business Bureau offers additional accreditation, awarding 72SOLD a full 5 stars based on 125 reviews. These numbers help create a positive impression of the company.

Yelp: 2.6/5 (51 reviews)

While Google and the Better Business Bureau reflect positive sentiment, Yelp reviews paint a more mixed picture, with 2.6 out of 5 stars from 51 reviews. Analyzing the nuances of Yelp reviews can provide insight into specific aspects of customer experiences.

Dig deeper into concepts

Positive Experience: High price lists and fast sales

Positive reviews tend to emphasize retailer benefits, including higher prices and faster sales. The testimonial praises the service for providing a “white glove” and “VIP” experience, especially for Keller Williams real estate agents in partnership with 72SOLD.

Negative experiences: lack of communication and pushing attention

Conversely, negative shapes illuminate regions with low 72SOLD. Examples of inappropriate communication, perceived coercive sales tactics, and false advertising claims in pricing emerge as recurring themes These insights highlight the importance that customer expectations are managed and communication strategies are emphasized.

Staff and partner contributions to the studies

A survey of survey sources shows that a large proportion of surveys come from company employees or real estate agents. While positive feedback from affiliates increases the credibility of the program, it is important to consider the potential for bias in these studies.

72SOLD Cost Analysis

Commission Schedule: 5–6% of closing price

72SOLD operates on a traditional commission structure, paying sellers a combined 5–6% of the closing price. This is in line with the standard fees charged by traditional real estate agents.

Quoted sale prices: Fact or fiction?

The company stresses that it can achieve sales prices 8.4–12% higher than traditional agents. However, this article is based on surveys for 2020–22, which raise questions about the relevance of the current real estate market. Salespeople should approach these figures with some skepticism, considering the growth of the business.

Alternative Comparisons: Prudent Real Estate Discounts

It is important to compare 72SOLD with other options to give sellers a broader perspective. For example, Clever Real Estate offers a 1.5% listing fee, which can save sellers a significant portion of the commission. Examining these options allows salespeople to make informed decisions based on priorities and preferences.

Deal with concerns and criticism

Transparency in marketing strategies

A common concern raised in negative proposals is that of transparency of marketing strategies. Some sellers accuse 72SOLD of falsely advertising in pricing and not making promises. The company’s response to these criticisms and any changes to provide greater transparency will play an important role in maintaining vendor trust

Adjustments to the 72SOLD model over time

The change in 72SOLD’s sales window, from 72 hours to eight days, is an example of the company’s flexibility. Examining the reasons for such changes and their alignment with market trends provides salespeople with insight into the company’s commitment to strategic review based on feedback and changing circumstances

Service improvement by responding to customer complaints

Negative reviews often highlight issues such as lack of communication and pushy sales tactics. Examining how 72SOLD handles this criticism and implements strategies to improve its service demonstrates the company’s commitment to solving customer concerns. A commitment to continuous improvement is key for any service-oriented business.
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Expert opinion and insight

Quotes from real estate experts

Including insights from real estate experts adds some credibility to the assessment. Quotes from professionals in the industry can give readers a broader view of 72SOLD’s approach and its effectiveness in various market conditions.

Opinion from industry analysts

In addition to individual expert opinions, industry analysts can provide a comprehensive view of the role of 72SOLD in real estate transactions. Their exploration of market trends, the effectiveness of fast-selling strategies, and the competitive advantages or disadvantages of such models add depth to the analysis

The potential impact of market conditions on 72SOLD performance

Real estate markets are volatile and include a variety of factors, including interest rates, economic conditions, and regional trends. Looking at how 72SOLD can affect the effectiveness of its program provides sellers with valuable insight into the potential risks and rewards of choosing this service.


Reviewing the main findings

As we conclude our in-depth analysis of 72SOLD, it is important to reiterate our key findings. The company’s unique selling concept of selling a home in a week or less comes with pros and cons. Positive reviews praise fast action and high prices, while negative experiences highlight concerns about potential value and push sales strategies

Recommendations based on individual vendor needs

Each seller’s situation is unique, and the suitability of 72SOLD depends on personal preferences, market conditions, and priorities. While the program allows for quick and easy sales, salespeople should carefully weigh the pros and cons. Exploring alternatives, seeking expert advice, and considering long-term market trends will enable retailers to make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs.

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Does Really work?

Yes, is a legitimate virtual full-service brokerage that aims to sell homes within eight days. However, its effectiveness may vary based on individual circumstances and the current real estate market conditions.

Who is the 72Sold guy?

72Sold was founded by Greg Hague, an Arizona real estate broker. He established the company in 2018 and also founded its parent company, Hague Partners. Greg Hague is a key figure associated with 72Sold.

What is the meaning of 72Sold?

The name “72Sold” originates from the initial promise of selling homes within 72 hours. While the company has adjusted its approach to an eight-day window, the name reflects its earlier commitment to quick home sales.

Is a legitimate company?

Yes, is a legitimate company founded by Greg Hague in 2018. It operates under its parent company, Hague Partners, and has formed a strategic partnership with Keller Williams, a prominent real estate franchise.

Does 72Sold Really get you more money?

72Sold claims to sell homes for 8.4–12% more than a traditional agent. However, these figures are based on studies from 2020-22, and actual results may vary. The effectiveness of getting more money depends on the specific real estate market conditions.

Who founded 72Sold?

72Sold was founded by Greg Hague, a notable Arizona real estate broker. He established the company in 2018, and it has since expanded its services to various markets, aiming to provide a unique and expedited home-selling experience.

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