EOD Adventure Park Mayur Vihar: Timings, Tickets & More | Complete Guide 2024

Imagine a huge adventure playground right in the heart of Delhi – that’s the EOD Adventure Park! It’s like a wonderland spread across 10 acres of green land. And guess what? There’s a beautiful lake called Sanjay Lake where you can go boating and watch sunsets. Let’s explore this awesome place!

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The Magic of Sanjay Lake

Sanjay Lake is like a magical lake made by people. It’s in Mayur Vihar II, Delhi, and it’s a favorite spot for picnics, bird-watching, and having fun on boats. The lake is named after a guy named Sanjay Gandhi, who was really important in India’s history.

Thrills and Chills at EOD Adventure Park

Get ready for some serious fun! At EOD Adventure Park, there are things like:

  • Tree Top Course: Imagine climbing around in trees like Tarzan.
  • Zip Line: You can fly like a bird on a special rope.
  • Zip Cycle: It’s like cycling the air – so cool!
  • Bowling: Try to knock down those pins with a heavy ball.
  • Boating: Take a boat ride on Sanjay Lake – the breeze is amazing.
  • Archery: Feel like an archer from a story.
  • Rain Dance: Dance in the rain, even when it’s not raining!
  • Bull Ride: Ever tried riding a mechanical bull? Here’s your chance!
  • Body Zorbing: Roll and bounce in big, bouncy balls.
  • Laser Tag: Play a cool shooting game with lasers.

A Kids’ Paradise

Hey kids, there’s stuff for you too! There’s a Jungle House that’s like a secret place in the woods. Plus, there’s a Kids Fun Zone where you can have unlimited fun.

Food and Other Stuff

Don’t worry about food – there’s a restaurant called Dhinchak Dhaba that serves yummy food. They’ve got clean toilets and water too. And guess what? The prices are reasonable!

Tickets and Money Talk

Okay, here’s the deal: to get in, you need a ticket. For grown-ups, the tickets start at just Rs 200. But listen, there are different types of tickets for different things. And if you want to keep coming back, there’s a yearly pass too!

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How to Get There

Getting to the park is easy peasy:

  • Metro: Take the Pink Line to Trilokpuri-Sanjay Lake Metro Station.
  • Bus: Get off at Pocket 5 Mayur Vihar Ph-1 bus stop.
  • Cab/Rickshaw: You can book a cab or grab a rickshaw.
  • Your Car: If you have a car, bring it along – parking is free!

Important Tips

  • Check the timings before you go, they might change.
  • Leave your snacks at home, you can’t bring them inside.
  • Some rides have rules about how tall or heavy you can be.
  • You can take pictures with your phone, but not with big cameras.
  • Don’t bring stuff that can mess with your brain, like drinks or smokes.
  • Tickets are like a one-time thing, so no refunds.
  • Keep your stuff safe, and remember, rain might change plans!

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Location Map Of EOD Adventure Park

More Fun Around

After the park, you can check out cool places nearby:

  • Akshardham Temple: It’s an amazing place just 5 km away.
  • Okhla Bird Sanctuary: For nature lovers, it’s 9.2 km away.
  • India Gate: An iconic monument just 10.4 km away.
  • National Science Centre: A place for curious minds, 7.8 km away.

Wrapping Up the Adventure

So there you have it – EOD Adventure Park in a nutshell! It’s like a dream come true for adventure lovers and anyone who wants a break from the ordinary. Whether you’re into heart-pounding thrills or just want to enjoy a peaceful day by the lake, this park has got you covered. Remember to get your ticket, bring your excitement, and make some unforgettable memories at EOD Adventure Park!

Address: Gate no-2, Sanjay Lake, Pocket D, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi Website: Contact: +91 9910175472

Answering Your Questions (FAQs)

What’s EOD Adventure Park?

EOD Adventure Park is like a giant playground where you can have tons of fun! You can try exciting things like riding a zip line, doing archery, and even dancing in the rain.

Where’s EOD Park?

You’ll find EOD Adventure Park at Gate No., Sanjay Lake, Pocket D, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. It’s like a hidden gem waiting for you!

Tell Me More About Sanjay Lake

Sanjay Lake is a special lake made by people. It’s in Mayur Vihar II, Delhi, and it’s perfect for boating and watching sunsets. People like going there for picnics and bird-watching too.

What Can I Do at EOD Adventure Park?

Oh, there’s so much to do! You can pretend to be Tarzan on a tree top course, ride a zip line, or have a go at bowling. If you’re a kid, there’s a fun zone just for you!

Can I Eat There?

Absolutely! There’s a place called Dhinchak Dhaba that serves yummy food. Don’t worry about the prices – they’re fair. And they’ve got clean toilets too!

How Much Does it Cost?

Getting in is easy on the pocket. Grown-ups can start having fun for just Rs 200. But there are different tickets for different things, so choose what suits you.

How Do I Get There?

No worries! You can take the metro to Trilokpuri-Sanjay Lake Metro Station. Buses and cabs work too. If you have a car, bring it – they’ve got free parking.

Can I Take Photos?

Sure thing! You can use your phone for photos, but big cameras are a no-go. Oh, and there’s a tiny charge for taking photos with your phone.

What About Refunds?

Sorry, but once you get a ticket, it’s like a one-time pass. So no refunds if you change your mind.

What if It Rains?

Rain is great for dancing, but not so good for some activities. Keep in mind, that some stuff might close if it rains.

What’s Nearby?

After all the excitement, you can check out cool places nearby. There’s Akshardham Temple, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, India Gate, and lots more.

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