Just Chill Water Park Delhi: Ticket Prices, Timings, Images, Entry Fees, Attractive Attractions, Location, FAQs and More 2024

Nestled along the bustling GT Karnal Road in Delhi lies a hidden gem that promises a day of exhilarating fun and cool respite from the scorching summer heat. Just Chill Water Park, with its inviting ambiance and a wide array of attractions, is more than just an amusement and water park – it’s a place where lasting memories are made.



Picture this: a sunny weekend morning, your friends and family eagerly gathering in excitement, and the promise of a day filled with laughter, thrilling rides, and mouthwatering food. That’s what awaits you at Just Chill Water Park, a sprawling 11-acre wonderland of aquatic adventures and amusement.

A Place for All Ages

One of the remarkable aspects of Just Chill Water Park is its appeal to visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a kid, a teenager, a young adult, or a senior citizen, there’s something here for everyone. The park is not just about splashing around in the water; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences that cater to diverse tastes.

Attractions and Rides: Making a Splash

Let’s dive into the heart of the park – its captivating attractions and rides.

Just chill water park – World of jasmeet

Water Rides

Singh Dwar: As you enter the park, two majestic lion sculptures greet you, playfully spouting water from their mouths. These guardians set the tone for a secure and enjoyable day ahead.

Rainbow: Meander through a rainbow-adorned pathway, where refreshing mist welcomes you. It’s the perfect start to your aquatic journey.

Katrina-Twist: If you’re an adrenaline enthusiast, brace yourself for a wild spiral in a bowl-shaped slide. It’s a rush of excitement you won’t soon forget.

Black Thrill: For those seeking a heart-pounding adventure, a 32-inch Aqua Tube awaits, ready to deliver an adrenaline rush.

Godzilla: Strap in for a 54-inch body slide with sleek supports and thrilling twists and turns.

Romeo Juliet: Experience the thrill of water and air combined, propelling you at breakneck speed as you descend.

Friendship: Kids’ favorite, this ride allows children to enjoy together, fostering bonds and creating lasting memories.

Mini Aqua Rides: Transparent water rides suitable for both adults and daring hearts, designed to thrill and excite.

Bullet: Aptly named for its quick speed, children find this slide exceptionally exciting.

Space Balls: An exhilarating experience with a splash ending that happens in a matter of seconds.

Child Godzilla: A smaller version of the thrilling Godzilla slide, specially designed for young adventurers.

Wave Pool: The crown jewel of Just Chill Water Park, the wave pool simulates ocean waves, offering a unique and exciting experience.

Zig Zag: High-speed turns and sudden drops into the water make this slide incredibly exhilarating.

Dark Hole: A wild ride through a dark tunnel, twists, and turns for the thrill-seekers.

Together: A ride meant for sharing the excitement with friends and family.

Amusement Rides

Caterpillar: This circular ride offers an undulating track with continuous cars, producing a fair amount of lateral force.

Break Dance: Known for its swift and comfortable movement, this ride attracts visitors of all ages.

Swing Chair: Feel the sensation of flying through the air on this rotating umbrella-like structure.

Columbus: An enjoyable experience for all age groups, thanks to its impressive, fast-paced effects and tight turns.

Bull Ride: Inspired by bullfighting, this ride offers an adventurous experience that’s truly exceptional.

Mini Train: Designed for kids, this ride accommodates around eight children, providing a sense of riding on an open train.

Aero Ride: A six-seater airplane-shaped ride with random up-and-down and rotating movement.

Vortex Tunnel: Twist and spin through a dizzying tunnel, a hit with thrill-seekers.

Edu-tainment Park

Just Chill Water Park goes beyond entertainment; it provides educational experiences as well. Children can learn about plant growth, and animal care, and even try their hand at pottery.

Plantation: Discover how vegetables and fruits grow, sparking curiosity among the little ones.

Animals: Get up close with cows and white rats, fostering a love for animals and nature.

Goat Milking: Learn the art of getting milk from goats, a hands-on lesson in farm life.

Cow Milking: Experience the traditional way of milking a cow, connecting with rural practices.

EMU Australian Bird: Encounter unique and exotic bird species, expanding your horizons.

Spinning Wheel: Try your hand at traditional crafts, a creative endeavor for all ages.

Pottery Wheel: Delve into the world of pottery, where clay takes shape under your expert hands.

Adventurous Games

American Trolley: A challenging game that tests balance and teamwork while traversing the course with limited props.

Rope Climbing: A thrilling activity that combines personal challenge with opportunities for teamwork.

Commando Net: Test your agility and climbing skills on a vertical net, using only your hands and feet.

Commando Crawl: Feel like a commando, starting with crawling on your stomach and progressing to balancing on your hands and knees.

Tarzon Zipline: Glide through the air with this thrilling zip line, an experience like no other.

Tyre Crawling: Similar to commando crawling, but with a twist – you crawl on tires instead of the ground.

Zip Line: A gravity-powered adventure where you slide from one end to another, holding onto a handle.

Burma Bridge: Walk across a thick rope while holding onto two others as the bridge moves beneath your feet.

Wall Climbing: Challenge yourself with a climbing wall that promotes teamwork and determination.

Balancing Walk: Walk on a rope between two poles, maintaining your balance as you go.

Team Building Games

Matka Paintings: Let children explore their creative side by decorating matkas (pots).

3 Leg Race: A classic race involving teams of two, where participants are tied together by a fabric strip.

Drawing: Unleash your artistic flair with drawing activities for all ages.

Sack Race: A fun and hilarious race where participants jump forward in sacks.

Treasure Hunt: A thrilling game that combines strategy and exploration, perfect for groups.

Lemon Race: A race with a twist, where participants hold a spoon with a lemon in their mouth.

Tug of War: Teams compete in a test of strength, intending to pull the rope to their side.

Old Gold

Rediscover the joy of traditional games that have stood the test of time.

Lattoo: A spinning top game that challenges players’ precision and skill.

Pittu Garam: A team sport involving a tennis ball and a tower of seven stones, requiring both strategy and agility.

Ankh-Micholi: A classic game of hide-and-seek with a twist – one player is blindfolded.

Maram Pitti: This game involves hitting a small ball with a wooden stick, testing your aim and coordination.

Kho Kho: A traditional Indian tag game involving quick reflexes and teamwork.

Ko Kla Chapatti: Players close their eyes as one person walks with a handkerchief, requiring keen listening and quick reactions.

Stapu-Hopscotch: A popular playground game involving tossing an object into numbered spaces.

Marbles: Known as “Kancha” in India, it’s a game of accuracy and precision.

Skipping: Use a skipping rope to repeatedly jump over it while holding onto both ends.

Gilli Danda: A rural favorite, this game involves using two sticks – a larger one to hit a smaller one.

Kite Flying: Experience the thrill of flying kites, a time-honored tradition in India.

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Sports Games

Stay active with various sports options available at Just Chill Water Park.

Badminton: A friendly game of badminton with friends and family.

Cricket: Engage in a cricket match and unleash your inner athlete.

Table Tennis: A fast-paced sport suitable for all ages.

Basketball: Test your shooting skills on the basketball court.

Volleyball: Bump, set, and spike your way to victory on the volleyball court.

Boxing Punching Bag: Release your pent-up energy with some punches on the boxing bag.

Trampoline: Bounce up high and defy gravity on the trampoline.

Carrom: A classic board game for hours of indoor entertainment.

Chess: Engage in a strategic battle of wits on the chessboard.

Ludo: A game that’s perfect for family and friends to enjoy together.

Tumbola: Try your luck with a game of tumbola and win exciting prizes.

Matki Fod: Break pots and unleash your inner Krishna.

Hanging Basket: Test your aim by tossing rings onto hanging baskets.

Frisbee: Enjoy a game of frisbee with friends on a sunny day.

Small pole for ring: Test your precision and aim by tossing rings onto small poles.

Single pole tennis: A unique take on tennis, perfect for quick games.

Mud Lep: An exciting game of mud wrestling.

Food Menu: Satisfying Cravings

After all the excitement and adventure, it’s time to refuel. Just Chill Water Park has you covered with a diverse food menu that caters to all palates.

  • Rajma Rice
  • Chole Bhature
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Chowmein
  • Chilly Paneer
  • French Fries
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Chips
  • Kurkure
  • Lassi (300 Ml)
  • Nachos
  • Water Bottle
  • Cold Drink (200 Ml)
  • Maggie
  • Veg. Sandwich
  • Grill Sandwich with French Fries
  • Paneer Butter Masala

One of the highlights of the food menu is the delicious Paneer Tikka, served hot and fresh. And don’t forget to try the assortment of pagodas, perfect for munching between rides.

Ticket Prices and Offers: Splash without Splurging

Let’s talk about the cost of fun at Just Chill Water Park. The park offers reasonable pricing options for various categories of visitors.

  • Kids (Below 2.9 ft): Free
  • Kids (2.9 ft-4.6 ft): Rs 400 (Weekdays) / Rs 500 (Weekends & Holidays)
  • Adult (Above 4.6 ft): Rs 600 (Weekdays) / Rs 700 (Weekends & Holidays)
  • Stag (Only Boys): Rs 800 (Weekdays) / Rs 900 (Weekends & Holidays)
  • Couple: Rs 1200 (Weekdays) / Rs 1400 (Weekends & Holidays)
  • Sr. Citizens (60+): Rs 500 (Weekdays & Weekends)

Now, here’s the exciting part – discounts and offers. Just Chill Water Park occasionally provides discounts and special offers, so it’s always a good idea to inquire about any ongoing promotions when planning your visit. Additionally, senior citizens can enjoy a discounted rate when accompanied by a valid government ID.

Online Ticket Booking: Convenience at Your Fingertips

To make your visit even more convenient, Just Chill Water Park offers online ticket booking through its official website. This means you can skip the lines and head straight to the fun.

Timings and Best Time to Visit: Beat the Heat

Just Chill Water Park opens its doors every day of the week, from 10 AM to 7 PM. However, if you want to make the most of your visit and escape the scorching heat, plan your trip during the summer months, from April to June. It’s the perfect time to cool off and indulge in aquatic adventures.

Things to Know Before You Go: Tips for a Hassle-free Visit

Before you embark on your aquatic adventure at Just Chill Water Park, here are some essential tips to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable visit:

  1. ID Proof: Remember to carry valid ID proof for each member of your group. PAN cards are not accepted as valid address proof.
  2. Children’s Height: Children below 2.9 feet can enter for free. Child tickets apply to children with heights between 2.9 feet and 4.6 feet, while adult tickets are for those above 4.6 feet. Senior citizens aged above 60 years can avail themselves of special rates.
  3. Costumes: You have the option to bring your own swimwear made of proper nylon, or you can rent it from the water park at an additional cost.
  4. Outside Food: Outside food is not allowed inside the park, so plan to enjoy the delectable offerings from the park’s cafeteria.
  5. Operational Glitches: Keep in mind that some rides may be temporarily closed due to operational glitches. Be patient and flexible if this happens during your visit.

Food Ordering: You can order food from the cafeteria at an additional cost. After all, all that excitement can work up an appetite!

Location and How to Get There: Easy Access

Just Chill Water Park is conveniently located at Main GT Karnal Road, Near GTB Memorial, Delhi 110040. Whether you’re coming from Gurgaon, New Delhi, or anywhere in between, reaching the park is easy.

  • By Metro: The nearest metro station to Just Chill Water Park is Jahangir Puri Metro Station on the Yellow Line, located 15 km away. From there, you can take a taxi or book a cab to reach the park.
  • By Bus: The nearest bus stop to Just Chill Water Park is Singhu Village, approximately 1.5 km away. Buses such as 120B, 0131, 136, and 193 can take you there. You can either walk to the park or take an autorickshaw from the bus stop.
  • By Cab/Auto/Rickshaw: Booking a cab, auto, or rickshaw is also a convenient way to reach Just Chill Water Park.

By Personal Vehicle: If you prefer to drive, you can easily reach the park with your vehicle. Free parking is available at the park.

Location Map For Just Chill Water Park Delhi

Nearby Attractions: Extend the Fun

If you’re looking to extend your adventure beyond Just Chill Water Park, there are a few nearby attractions worth exploring:

  • Guru Teg Bahadur Park (1.5 Km): A serene park that offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city.
  • Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir (8 Km): A beautiful Jain temple with intricate architecture and spiritual significance.


What is Just Chill Water Park?

Just Chill Water Park is a popular amusement and water park located in Delhi, offering a wide range of water and amusement rides, educational experiences, and fun activities for visitors of all ages.

How much does it cost to visit Just Chill Water Park?

Ticket prices vary depending on the day and visitor category. Prices range from free entry for kids below 2.9 feet to Rs 1400 for couples on weekends and holidays.

Can I book tickets online?

Yes, you can conveniently book tickets for Just Chill Water Park online through their official website, saving you time and ensuring a hassle-free visit.

When is Just Chill Water Park open?

The park is open seven days a week, from 10 AM to 7 PM, offering visitors ample time to enjoy all the attractions.

What is the best time to visit the park?

The best time to visit Just Chill Water Park is during the scorching summer months, from April to June, when you can beat the heat and have a splashing good time.

Are there discounts or special offers available?

Yes, Just Chill Water Park occasionally provides discounts and special offers. It’s advisable to inquire about any ongoing promotions when planning your visit. Senior citizens can also enjoy a discounted rate with a valid government ID.

Can I bring my swimwear?

Yes, you can bring your own swimwear made of proper nylon. Alternatively, you can rent swimwear from the park at an additional cost.

Is outside food allowed?

No, outside food is not allowed inside the park. You can enjoy a variety of delicious food options available at the park’s cafeteria.

What happens if a ride is temporarily closed?

Some rides may be temporarily closed due to operational glitches. If this occurs during your visit, it’s best to be patient and flexible as the park works to resolve the issue.

How can I reach Just Chill Water Park?

Just Chill Water Park is easily accessible by metro, bus, cab, auto, rickshaw, or personal vehicle. The nearest metro station is Jahangir Puri Metro Station on the Yellow Line.

Are there nearby attractions to explore?

Yes, if you wish to extend your adventure, nearby attractions include Guru Teg Bahadur Park and Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir, offering diverse experiences to complement your visit.

Can I bring my costumes from home?

Yes, you have the option to bring your swimwear made of prope

Conclusion: Dive into Fun

In a city known for its historical landmarks and cultural attractions, Just Chill Water Park stands out as a place where fun and adventure take center stage. From thrilling water rides to educational experiences and traditional games, it’s a destination that brings people of all ages together.

So, if you’re in search of an unforgettable day filled with aquatic adventures and cherished moments with loved ones, make your way to Just Chill Water Park. Splash, slide, and smile your way through a day of excitement and joy, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Because at Just Chill Water Park, every moment is a chance to make a splash!

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