KidZania Noida: Its Activities, Ticket Prices, Discounts, Timings, Accessibility, FAQs and More 2024

Do you remember the days when learning was an adventure? When your imagination could take you to places you’d never been, and your curiosity knew no bounds? Well, imagine a place where your children can experience that kind of magic today. Welcome to KidZania Noida, a world where learning meets playtime, and children get to be whoever they want to be.

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About KidZania Noida

KidZania Noida is not your typical theme park. Nestled near the GIP Mall in Sector 38, Noida, it offers an immersive and educational experience for children. Picture this: a mini-city with buildings, streets, and vehicles, all designed to scale for kids. It’s like stepping into a parallel universe where children take charge.

What sets KidZania Noida apart from the usual amusement parks is the absence of traditional rides and video games. Instead, it offers a unique blend of entertainment and education through role-play. Here, children aged 2 to 16 can choose from a wide range of activities and professions, from doctors to chefs to firefighters. It’s a place where they don’t just watch, but they do, they learn, and they grow.

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Activities and Role-Playing

Let’s delve into the heart of KidZania Noida—the activities and role-playing experiences that make this place special. It’s all about letting kids explore their dreams and discover new interests.

Activities for Toddlers (Below 4 Years)

At KidZania Noida, even the tiniest tots can get in on the action. Toddlers can explore activities like:

  • DHL Express Delivery Service: Ever seen a little one delivering packages like a pro?
  • Pepperfry Furniture Studio: Let their creativity run wild as they design miniature furniture.
  • Amiown Preschool: A taste of school life in a playful setting.
  • RightZkeepers Residence: Role-play as tiny caretakers of this imaginative world.
  • Kinder Joy Product: Become a part of the Kinder Joy production team.
  • Parle Biscuit Factory: Get hands-on in the cookie-making process.
  • Parle Candy Factory: Create candy delights that even Willy Wonka would envy.
  • M.O.D Donut Factory: Donut lovers, this one’s for you!
  • Party Hub: The place where every day is a celebration.
  • Bollywood Dance Academy: Step into the shoes of Bollywood stars.

These activities might seem like child’s play, but they’re carefully designed to spark creativity and curiosity in the little ones.

Activities for Kids (2-16 Years)

As children grow, so do their interests and aspirations. KidZania Noida caters to kids aged 2 to 16 with a multitude of activities:

  • Amiown Pre-School: A glimpse into the world of early education.
  • Amity University: Explore the possibilities of higher education.
  • Archaeological Site: Channel your inner Indiana Jones.
  • Bajaj Energy Conversation Hub: Dive into the world of energy conservation.
  • Biscuit Factory: Learn the secrets of making the perfect biscuit.
  • Candy Factory: Become a candy connoisseur.
  • Chicago Pizza Shop: Get ready to make and devour your pizza creations.
  • Dance Academy: Bust a move on the dance floor.
  • Dental Health Care Clinic: Peek into the world of dentistry.
  • Department Store: Learn the ropes of running a store.
  • DHL Express Delivery Service: Deliver packages with precision.
  • Dubbing Studio: Try your hand at voice acting.
  • Emergency Room: Play doctor in a lifelike ER setting.
  • Fashion Boutique: Become a fashion designer.
  • Fire Department: Brave the flames as a firefighter.
  • FSM Music Studio: Compose your tunes.
  • Harvest Gold Nashta Corner: Make delicious breakfast treats.
  • IDFC First Bank: Get a taste of the banking world.
  • IGL CNG Station: Learn about clean energy.
  • INOX Theatre: Experience the magic of the movies.
  • Kinder Joy Treat Factory: Create your own Kinder Joy treats.
  • M.O.D Donuts Shop: A sweet adventure awaits.
  • Magic Academy: Unveil the secrets of magic tricks.
  • Nestle’s Ceregrow Farm: Discover where healthy cereal comes from.
  • Newspaper Bureau: Try your hand at journalism.
  • Nutella Café: A paradise for Nutella lovers.
  • Party Hub: Where the party never ends.
  • Pepperfry Furniture Studio: Design and decorate miniature furniture.
  • Pet Rescue Agency: Be a hero to furry friends.
  • Police & CSI Department: Solve mysteries and maintain law and order.
  • Radio City Radio Station: Become a radio host.
  • RightZKeeper’s Residence: Keep this imaginative world safe.
  • Skill Development Center: Hone your skills in various trades.
  • Steel Structure: Explore the world of construction.
  • Supreme Court: Get a taste of justice.
  • Toonz Animation Studio: Create your own animated stories.
  • Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy: Take flight in the world of aviation.
  • TV Studio: Be the star of your TV show.
  • Underground Infrastructure: Dive into the world beneath our feet.
  • Wall Climbing: Conquer new heights.
  • Ztyle Salon and Spa: Pamper yourself like a celebrity.

With over 90 themed activities, KidZania Noida offers children an opportunity to explore diverse careers and interests, all in one place. It’s not just about fun; it’s about learning through experience.

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Financial Literacy at KidZania

What’s the best way to teach kids about money? Give them some KidZos, the official currency of KidZania. As soon as children step into this mini-city, they receive a check they can cash at the KidZania bank. With their KidZos in hand, they can purchase goods and services across the city, or even at other KidZania locations worldwide.

The banking experience here is as real as it gets. Kids can get their debit cards with their name and authorized signature, manage their finances at the bank branch or through ATMs, open savings accounts, or withdraw all their money. KidZos aren’t just playing money; they’re a lesson in striking a balance, even for the youngest financial gurus

Ticket Prices and Discounts

Now, let’s talk logistics. How do you get into KidZania Noida, and how much does it cost? The good news is that KidZania offers different pass options for your convenience.

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)

  • Babies (below 2 years): Free
  • Toddlers (2 to 3 Years):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 700
    • Any 5 Hour Pass: Rs 600
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 550
  • Kids (4 to 16 Years):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 1450
    • Any 5 Hour Pass: Rs 1300
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 1100
  • Adults (17 to 59 Years):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 700
    • Any 5 Hour Pass: Rs 650
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 550
  • Sr. Citizens (60 Years & Above):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 350
    • Any 5 Hour Pass: Rs 350
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 350

Weekends (Sat & Sun) & Public Holidays

  • Babies (Below 2 Years): Free
  • Toddlers (2 to 3 Years):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 900
    • Any 5-Hour Pass: Rs 800
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 700
  • Kids (4 to 16 Years):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 1800
    • Any 5 Hour Pass: Rs 1600
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 1300
  • Adults (7 to 59 Years):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 800
    • Any 5 Hour Pass: Rs 750
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 650
  • Sr. Citizens (60 Years & Above):
    • Full Day Pass: Rs 350
    • Any 5 Hour Pass: Rs 350
    • Any 3 Hour Pass: Rs 350

KidZania Noida believes in making your visit worthwhile. They offer various discounts to ensure that everyone can experience this unique learning playground. Here’s how you can save:

  • IDFC First Bank Offer: Get a flat 15% off when using IDFC First Bank Debit & Credit Cards.
  • KidZania Annual Pass: Save big with the Annual Pass of KidZania Noida.
  • Family Combo: Opt for the KidZania Family Combo to get more discounts.
  • Heroes Offer: Indian Army, Air Force & Navy Officers can avail discounts.
  • KidZania E-Gift Cards: Gift cards are available starting from Rs 500.

These offers make it even more appealing for families to immerse themselves in the world of KidZania.

Timings and Accessibility

You might be wondering about the best time to visit KidZania Noida. The good news is that KidZania welcomes eager young learners seven days a week. The opening time is 10 AM, and you can stay and explore until 9 PM.

But how do you get there? KidZania Noida is conveniently located, making it accessible by various modes of transportation.

By Metro: If you prefer to use the metro, the nearest station is Noida Sector 18, which is on the Blue Line. It’s just 1 km away from KidZania. Once you arrive at the metro station, you can easily walk to KidZania or book a cab or rickshaw.

By Bus: For those who like to travel by bus, the nearest bus stop is DLF Mall in Sector 18, Noida, which is only 650 meters from KidZania. You can reach DLF Mall by taking bus routes like 33, 34A, 347A, 443, 443A, and 493. From there, it’s a short walk to the museum, or you can choose to book a cab or rickshaw.

By Cab/Auto/Rickshaw: Of course, there’s always the option to book a cab, auto, or rickshaw directly to KidZania Delhi NCR, Noida.

By Personal Vehicle: If you prefer to drive, you can easily reach KidZania Noida with your vehicle. There’s ample parking available, so you can focus on enjoying your visit.

Contact Information

Do you have questions or need more information about KidZania Noida? You can reach out to them through their official website at For any further inquiries, you can contact KidZania Delhi NCR at 8906 444 666.

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What is KidZania Noida?

An interactive educational theme park for kids to explore real-life professions.

What age group is it for?

Suitable for ages 4 to 16 with tailored activities for different age groups.

How does role-playing work?

Kids choose professions, get costumes, and tasks, and earn KidZos as they play.

Are parents allowed inside?

Parents can’t enter activity areas but have designated lounges to monitor.

Is photography allowed?

Yes, photography is allowed.

Is KidZania Noida safe?

Yes, with trained staff and GPS bands for child safety.

What are the timings?

Open daily from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Is it open tomorrow?

Yes, open seven days a week.

What are the ticket prices?

Prices range from Rs 550 to Rs 1450, depending on age and pass type.


KidZania Noida isn’t just another amusement park; it’s a world of possibilities where children can dream big and explore careers in a fun and educational way. From firefighting to journalism to magic tricks, there’s something here to spark every child’s curiosity.

So, the next time your little ones ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” bring them to KidZania Noida. Here, they can discover their passions, learn valuable life skills, and have a blast while doing it. It’s where learning meets playtime, and the memories created here will be cherished for a lifetime.

Don’t miss the chance to let your children’s imaginations run wild at KidZania Noida, the place where they can be anything they dream of.

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