Butterfly Park Delhi: Ticket Prices, Attractions, Timings, Opening Hours, Photo Gallery, Location, Videos, Directions, Parking, website, and More!

Hey there, Nature Buddies!

Meet Butterfly Park Delhi – Where Magic Happens

The Fantastic Beginning So, guess what? Back in 2018, the cool folks of Delhi decided to open Butterfly Park in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. Why? Well, they wanted a rad place for butterflies to hang out and teach everyone how awesome they are!

Dive into the Rainbow When you step into this 2.5-acre wonderland, it’s like entering a magical forest. There are over 60 tree buddies and 30 nectar plants throwing a nature party. Imagine a place where butterflies, birds, and other small pals live together and have a blast.

Butterfly VIP Lounge Now, the butterfly conservatory is like the VIP lounge for these fluttery buddies. It’s the biggest in India! Inside, it’s all cozy, just like their natural homes. It’s like a secret spot where butterflies show off their cool moves.

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Your Passport to Fun Times

When to Party The park is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday to Sunday. Mondays are like the butterflies’ day off, so plan your visit when they’re ready to mingle!

Golden Tickets, Anyone? Guess what, party people? For just 50 bucks, adults can get in. Kids below 5? Free entry! And if you want the VIP lounge experience, it’s an extra 150 bucks. But here’s the deal – you can get a combo ticket for both at 180 bucks. Bargain alert!

Big Squads and Combo Lovers If you’re rolling deep with a group of 25 or more, you get a group discount. Squad goals, right? And if you’re into combo deals, you can snag one and experience the best of both worlds.

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Quest for Butterfly Bliss

Metro Magic to Wonderland Ready for the adventure? Tughlakabad Metro Station is your starting point on the Violet Line. From there, catch a quick ride (about 6 km) to the sanctuary. It’s like entering a secret passage to Butterfly Park!

Bus, Taxi, or Your Ride Not a fan of the metro? No worries! Buses can take you to Tughlakabad, and then it’s a short taxi or auto-rickshaw ride. Or, if you’re feeling VIP, roll up in your car and soak in the butterfly vibes.

Nature-Friendly Vibes As you roll towards the park, soak in those eco-friendly vibes. The sanctuary is all about saving the planet with water systems and solar-powered lights. Your journey is like a mini eco-adventure!

Back in Time – The Birth of Butterfly Park

The Cool Origin Story Let’s time travel to 2018 when Butterfly Park Delhi was born. It’s not just a park; it’s a superhero for nature lovers, families, and butterflies!

Save the Butterflies This park isn’t just about pretty scenes. It’s a superhero in disguise, fighting for butterfly rights! They’re on a mission to tell everyone about butterflies, why they’re cool, and why we need to save them.

The Ultimate Butterfly Hangout What makes this park epic? It’s not just the chill vibe; it’s the butterfly conservatory, bird-watching spots, and nature trails. It’s like stepping into a fairy tale, where every step tells a story.

Butterfly Park Delhi – by Nomad Sonu

The Butterfly Chronicles

A Day in Butterfly Land Ever wondered what a butterfly’s day looks like? From sunrise to sunset, it’s like a dance party for them. The park has cool tours and programs to spill the tea on their secret lives.

School Vibes Hey students, Butterfly Park isn’t just for tourists; it’s like an outdoor classroom. Join workshops, tours, and programs that make learning about nature as fun as playing your favorite game.

More Than Just Butterflies While butterflies steal the show, the park is like a cool hangout for birds and tiny animals too. So, keep your eyes peeled for all the cool stuff as you explore.

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Crafting Your Butterfly Experience

Butterfly Garden Fun Let’s talk about the butterfly garden – a colorful paradise with flowers and plants. It’s like a sensory explosion! Capture epic moments as butterflies party around you.

Snap, Snap, Snap! Calling all photographers! Butterfly Park is like your dream studio. Click away at the rainbow of colors, wing dances, and breathtaking views. Each click is a story waiting to be told.

Chill Vibes and Picnic Goals Nature calls for a chill stroll. Benches and tables are scattered, inviting friends and families for a picnic. It’s not just a park; it’s a memory-making wonderland.

Expert Vibes

Meet the Heroes – BNHS What’s the secret sauce behind Butterfly Park’s awesomeness? Meet the heroes from the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). They’re like the guardians of nature, making sure everything’s A-okay.

Awards and High-Fives Butterfly Park Delhi isn’t just a regular park; it’s a superstar. Awards? Yeah, they got them. They’re like the MVPs for conservation, education, and saving India’s cool biodiversity.

All the Deets – Ticket Prices, Attractions, and More!

Golden Ticket Prices Here’s the lowdown on getting into this butterfly wonderland:

  • Adults: 50 INR
  • Kids (Below 5): Free Entry
  • Butterfly Conservatory VIP Pass: 150 INR
  • Combo Ticket (Entry + Conservatory): 180 INR
  • Group Discount (25+ People): Available

Opening Hours The butterflies are ready to party from 9 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday to Sunday. Mondays are their chill days, so save your visit for the other days.

Parking and Directions Rolling in your ride? No problem! There’s parking available. Coming by metro or bus? Easy peasy – follow the signs to Tughlakabad Metro Station and catch a ride to the sanctuary.

Location and Contact Butterfly Park Delhi is the cool kid inside the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, near Tughlakabad. Need to drop them a message? Ring them up at +91-11-29552612 or +91-11-29552613.

Photo Gallery and Videos Wanna a sneak peek before your visit? Check out their website for a photo gallery and videos. Get ready to be wowed!

Website Dive For all the nitty-gritty details, hop onto their website. It’s your go-to guide for everything Butterfly Park Delhi.

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Closing Time – Keep the Butterfly Buzz Alive

In a nutshell, Butterfly Park Delhi isn’t just a park. It’s like a high-five between humans and nature. As you dive into this fluttery paradise, remember that your journey adds to the park’s mission: saving nature, educating everyone, and celebrating life in its coolest forms. So, grab your pals, hop on this magical ride, and let the butterflies cast their spell of wonder. 


1. What is Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • Butterfly Park Delhi is a captivating sanctuary nestled within the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. It offers a delightful experience to explore the enchanting world of butterflies, serving as an educational space for nature enthusiasts.

2. When was Butterfly Park Delhi established?

  • Established in 2018, Butterfly Park Delhi has become a captivating attraction in the southern part of Delhi, welcoming visitors into the fascinating realm of butterflies.

3. What can visitors expect to see at Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • Visitors can marvel at over 60 varieties of native trees, more than 30 nectar plants, and a sprawling 2.5-acre area dedicated to butterflies. The park features a butterfly conservatory, a scenic garden, a bird-watching area, and inviting nature trails.

4. What are the park’s opening hours?

  • Butterfly Park Delhi welcomes visitors from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday to Sunday. The park remains closed on Mondays for maintenance.

5. How much is the entry fee, and are there any discounts?

  • Entry fees are INR 50 for adults and INR 30 for children. Kids below 5 years old enter for free. There’s an additional fee of INR 150 for the butterfly conservatory. A combo ticket (entry + conservatory) is available at a discounted rate of INR 180 per person. Group discounts are applicable for 25 or more people.

6. Which is the nearest metro station to Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • The nearest metro station is Tughlakabad Metro Station, part of the Violet Line of the Delhi Metro.

7. How to reach Butterfly Park Delhi by public transport?

  • From Tughlakabad Metro Station, visitors can conveniently reach the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, where Butterfly Park is located, using a taxi or an auto-rickshaw. Alternatively, various bus routes pass through the Tughlakabad area.

8. Is there parking available at Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • Yes, parking is available. Visitors can access Butterfly Park Delhi by car or taxi, approaching from the Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary Road, accessible via the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road or the Surajkund-Badkhal Road.

9. Are there any interesting facts about Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • Certainly! Butterfly Park Delhi stands as the sole butterfly park in the city, featuring over 25 butterfly species. The park’s eco-friendly design incorporates water harvesting systems and solar-powered lighting.

10. Who manages Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • Butterfly Park Delhi is managed by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), a reputable non-profit organization dedicated to nature and wildlife conservation.

11. Can visitors capture photographs and videos at Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • Absolutely! Photography enthusiasts will find Butterfly Park Delhi a paradise. The park encourages visitors to capture memories, and there’s even a photo gallery and videos available on the official website.

12. Is there a website for Butterfly Park Delhi with additional information?

  • Certainly! Explore the official website of Butterfly Park Delhi for comprehensive information on ticket prices, attractions, timings, and more.

13. How can visitors get in touch with Butterfly Park Delhi for inquiries?

  • For inquiries or additional information, contact Butterfly Park Delhi at +91-11-29552612 or +91-11-29552613.

14. What is the main aim of Butterfly Park Delhi?

  • The primary goal is to create a natural habitat for butterflies, promote conservation, and educate visitors about the vital role of butterflies in maintaining ecological balance.

15. Has Butterfly Park Delhi received any awards or recognition?

  • Yes, Butterfly Park Delhi has garnered several awards and recognition for its commendable conservation efforts, environmental education initiatives, and contributions to preserving India’s biodiversity.

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