Atlantic Water World Delhi – Ticket Prices, Rides, Timings, Location, and More a Super Cool Guide 2024!

Hey, awesome readers! Welcome to my guide on Atlantic Water World in Delhi. It’s like the coolest place ever, and I’m gonna tell you all about it. Step into the lively world of Atlantic Water World in Delhi, where laughter mixes with splashes, and excitement is around every corner. Located in Kalindi Kunj, surrounded by water canals and the Yamuna, this water park is a hub of fun, thrill, and joy for everyone. In this complete guide, we’ll explore the heart of Atlantic Water World, including its exciting rides, tasty food, ticket details, visitor guidelines, and more

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The Thrilling Rides and Fun Spots

The Tower of Thrills

Imagine standing at the top of the Tower of Thrills, feeling the wind in your hair. You get to pick crazy slides like Freefall, Twister, and Spiral. It’s like a roller coaster but with water – how cool is that? And there’s a Wave Pool Wonderland, making you feel like you’re surfing in the ocean. Lazy River Oasis is for chill vibes. You just float around, and it’s so relaxing!

Wave Pool Wonderland

Picture yourself riding waves in the Wave Pool Wonderland or relaxing on the shore. Real tales will share the excitement of riding swells or simply enjoying this aquatic paradise.

Lazy River Oasis

For a more relaxed time, join the Lazy River Oasis. Drift along the winding river, passing through greenery and waterfalls. Real stories will paint a picture of the peaceful ambiance in this oasis.

Tasty Treats at Atlantic Water World

Now, let’s talk about food. Atlantic Water World has this buffet thingy with unlimited vegetarian food. And there’s Atlantic Café with snacks and drinks. Explore a variety of food options, from buffet delights to snacks at the Atlantic Cafe. Real-life experiences will show how dining adds to the adventure. You can even enjoy sunbathing with a fresh lime soda or a chocolate shake.  I heard they have the best French fries ever!


Tickets, Booking, and Timings

Ticket Prices

Dive into the details of ticket prices for Adults, Children, Senior Citizens, and Couples. Real examples will show you how affordable and valuable Atlantic Water World is. Adult tickets cost ₹1299, Children’s tickets are ₹799, and Senior Citizens pay ₹899.

Online Booking

Discover the ease of online booking through the official website. Real experiences will highlight the convenience. Booking online helps you skip the queues and ensures a smooth entry.


Know the best times to visit and real stories about ticketing and timings. Atlantic Water World is open seven days a week from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Atlantic Water World Delhi - photo
Atlantic Water World Delhi – photo

Facilities and Visitor Tips


Explore available facilities, from lockers to dress rental shops. Real-life stories will show how these amenities enhance the visitor experience. The water park provides locker facilities, changing rooms, and shops for renting dresses.

Visitor Tips

Navigate through visitor guidelines, including safety measures and the cancellation policy. Real stories will illustrate how following guidelines ensures a safe visit.

Location, Contact, and Accessibility

Location and Access

Learn about the location, nearest metro station, bus stops, and parking. Real-life experiences will share visitors’ journeys. Atlantic Water World is at Kalindi Kunj Park, adjacent to Kalindi Kunj Metro Station, New Delhi.

Contact Information

Find contact details for inquiries and bookings. Real-life anecdotes will show visitors reaching out for information.

The website of Atlantic Water World is –

You can contact Atlantic Water World Park at +91 9540004092 or you contact them at

Places to Visit Nearby

Explore nearby attractions, from Kalindi Kunj Park to Madame Tussauds. Real-life anecdotes will guide readers on combining visits to Atlantic Water World with nearby places.

Snow World Noida (5.1 km)
Worlds Of Wonder Noida (6.5 km)
Fly Dining Noida (7.2 km)
KidZania Noida (7.2 km)
Tughlakabad Fort (9.4 km)
Akshardham (11 km)
EOD Adventure Park Mayur Vihar (12 km)
ISKCON Temple Noida (9.2 km)
Sky Jumper Trampoline (11 Km)
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FAQs and User Queries

What are the ticket prices for Atlantic Water World in Delhi?

Ticket prices vary based on age and category. For adults (above 4 feet), it’s Rs. 1299, for kids (3-4 feet) it’s Rs. 799, and for senior citizens (65 years & above) it’s Rs. 899. Couples can avail of a special ticket for Rs. 2399.

Can I book tickets for Atlantic Water World online?

Yes, online ticket booking is available through the official website of Atlantic Water World.

What are the park timings?

Atlantic Water World is open from 11 AM to 6 PM throughout the week.

Are there any height restrictions for the rides?

No, there are no height restrictions for the rides.

What facilities are available at Atlantic Water World?

The water park provides locker facilities, changing rooms, and dress rental, and has a restaurant and café on-site.

Is outside food allowed inside the park?

No, outside food is not allowed inside the park. However, there are food options available within the park.

How can I reach Atlantic Water World?

The nearest metro station is Kalindi Kunj on the Magenta Line. Buses, cabs, autos, and rickshaws are also accessible. The park has parking facilities for personal vehicles.

What are the nearby attractions to Atlantic Water World?

Nearby attractions include Kalindi Kunj Park, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Madame Tussauds India, Snow World, and more.

Can I rent swimwear and towels at Atlantic Water World?

Yes, you can rent swimwear and towels at the water park.

Are there any age-specific entry requirements?

Children below 3 feet in height enjoy free entry. Kids between 3 and 4 feet tall require a separate ticket.

What is the cancellation policy for tickets?

Once booked, tickets cannot be exchanged, canceled, or refunded.

Is there an age limit for specific rides?

Generally, there isn’t an age limit, but some rides may have height or safety requirements.

Can I bring my own tube or floatation device?

Yes, you can bring your own tube or floatation device, or you may find them available at the water park.

Are there any special discounts or offers for groups or students?

Yes, discounted rates are available for students, and special combo offers exist for couples.

What should I do if I have a medical condition or allergies?

Visitors with medical conditions or allergies are encouraged to declare them before entering the park. It’s always a good idea to check with the park staff for any specific concerns.

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